Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Three years ago, when I was going through chemotherapy for breast cancer, our family’s insurance company announced it was going to drop our healthcare coverage the following year. This was upsetting to say the least, but I got on the phone, did my research, and I’m happy to say that the Affordable Care Act came through for my family and me. We were able to get quality insurance and keep our doctors.

I announced my campaign on the same day Peter Roskam and the Republicans in Congress voted to make Americans pay more to get less for their health insurance to emphasize that I will work tirelessly in Congress to ensure all Americans have access to quality, affordable healthcare. Here are my priorities:

  • During my first year in Congress, I will sponsor a bill to create a Medicare-for-all public option that will lower premiums and expand access to quality, affordable healthcare.
  • I will work to stabilize the health insurance exchanges and conduct oversight hearings to stop efforts by Trump and the Republicans in Congress to sabotage the Affordable Care Act.
  • To reduce the exorbitant prices of prescription drugs, I will support legislation allowing Medicare Part D to negotiate lower drug prices just like the Veterans Health Administration does now.

A public option is the best way to make progress towards the goal of universal, affordable healthcare. My plan would allow anyone to purchase insurance under the Medicare program. By competing side-by-side with insurance companies on the healthcare exchanges, a public option would increase the choices available to consumers and lower the costs of premiums, medical care and prescription drugs.

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that premiums under the public option would be 7 to 8 percent lower than those for private plans, save taxpayers $158 billion over 10 years, and extend coverage to millions of Americans who are currently uninsured.

By contrast, Roskam has voted dozens of times for bills that would cause millions of Americans to pay more money to get less coverage. The most recent House bill that Roskam voted for would have raised costs, cut coverage, and weakened vital protections for those with pre-existing conditions, including cancer, heart disease, stroke, epilepsy, and mental health disorders. It would have also created what some have called an “age tax” by letting insurers charge people over the age of 50 five times more for their premiums than younger adults.

Unlike Roskam and Trump, I believe that anyone with a medical condition should always be able to get quality, affordable healthcare. The Affordable Care Act provided my family with access to good doctors and the treatment that I needed. I will be a steadfast advocate for the people of the 6th District and fight hard to improve our healthcare system and make it more affordable for all.

Healthcare is a right for all Americans, not a privilege.

Kelly Mazeski
Barrington Hills, IL