Updated Message to IL-06 Voters – February 22, 2018

People at home should hear Kelly’s message:

Democrat Kelly Mazeski is a scientist, a breast cancer survivor and the mother of a daughter with a pre-existing condition who is running for Congress to hold Peter Roskam and Donald Trump accountable for making Americans pay more and get less for their health insurance. She will fight for a public option that lets people buy into Medicare, take on Trump’s dangerous attacks on the environment, and help lead the fight against climate change.

People on digital should also know Kelly’s stance on gun violence:
Democrat Kelly Mazeski will stand up the NRA and vote for universal background checks, a ban on assault weapons and to allow the CDC to research the causes and solutions to gun violence.  Kelly Mazeski will never take a penny from the gun lobby.

Endorsed by the Chicago Sun-Times

For more information please read the State of the Race.

For high-resolution photos of Kelly please click here.