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Kelly Mazeski

Democratic Candidate for Congressional District 6 in Illinois

Heath Care Advocate

Kelly’s recent recovery from months of breast cancer treatments make her a strong, fearless advocate for Illinoisans facing uncertainty about the future of the healthcare system. She has great empathy for the struggles others go through, realizing that life and your financial situation can change in an instant. As a mother who struggled to maintain her healthcare insurance after her diagnosis, and paid for coverage for her daughter who has a rare medical condition, Kelly believes it's time to hold our elected leaders accountable for voting to make Americans pay more and get less for their health care. Kelly believes that our community needs someone in Washington who has our best interests in mind, rather than be a rubber stamp for Donald Trump's dangerous agenda.

Growing Up

Kelly is very proud of her hardworking family. Her grandfather worked at the Chrysler plant in Kokomo, IN while her grandmother worked on the manufacturing line for Western Electric. Kelly’s parents valued education, and even though they didn’t have the opportunity to attend college themselves, they worked extremely hard to make sure she and her sister could.

Kelly went to grade school a few blocks away from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and is an avid Indy 500 fan. She grew up going to church on Sunday mornings, and seeing her extended family was a common occurrence as her many cousins lived in the same childhood neighborhood. Family gatherings over home-made ice cream is still one of her favorite memories, and it’s a tradition that carries on.

Kelly’s values are deeply embedded in these roots. She wants everyone to have the same opportunities that have been afforded to her, and getting a good education is the most important step to making that possible.

Graduating College and Career

Growing up in a middle-class family, Kelly learned to approach problems with common sense and persistence. Kelly graduated from St. Mary’s College Notre Dame, IN, and eventually became a financial advisor for a major investment firm, a position that prepared her to deal with complex financial problems. As a community leader, Kelly currently serves as Plan Commissioner for Barrington Hills. She served as Village Trustee of North Barrington and Vice Chairman and Member of Zoning Board of Appeals North Barrington where she is well respected for sound questioning and level headed thinking.

Family Life

Kelly and her husband Conrad, a small business owner, have lived in the Barrington area for over 25 years where they have enjoyed raising their two children who are proud Barrington High School graduates.

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