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Kelly Mazeski

Democratic Candidate for Illinois 6th Congressional District

Democrat Kelly Mazeski is a scientist, breast cancer survivor and the mother of a daughter with a pre-existing condition who is running for Congress to hold Peter Roskam and Donald Trump accountable for making Americans pay more and get less for their health insurance. She will fight for a public option that lets people buy into Medicare, take on Trump’s dangerous attacks on the environment, and help lead the fight against climate change.

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Kelly is running for Congress in the Illinois 6th Congressional District because we deserve a representative who will stand up to Donald Trump and fight for healthcare and the environment. She is a breast cancer survivor and a mother of a daughter with a serious pre-existing condition. While going through chemotherapy, Kelly was notified she would be dropped by her insurance company of 20 years. Because of the Affordable Care Act, Kelly found quality health insurance on the exchange that also allowed her and her daughter to keep their doctors. Kelly announced her campaign on the same day Peter Roskam voted to repeal Obamacare because she knows thousands of Illinois families will see their premiums spike and coverage dropped if Roskam and Donald Trump are allowed to continue their attempts to weaken the Affordable Care Act.

Kelly is also a scientist who recognizes the harsh realities of climate change. As the first in her family to graduate from college, with a degree in biology and minor in chemistry, Kelly’s first job was as a Product Development Chemist. She is a longtime member of the Sierra Club, was an Energy and Environment Outreach Coordinator for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, and was elected to the board of the Illinois Environmental Council in 2014 because of her commitment to the environment. Kelly will take on Donald Trump’s dangerous attacks on the environment and help lead the fight against climate change.